Checkout Features

This page describes the various features provided by PayUmoney while your customer makes a payment. While some of the features may be available on all the checkout modes offered by PayUmoney, some of these features could be very specific to the checkout product being integrated. The details of these are discussed in detail in the following sections.

Saved Cards

PayUmoney allows a customer to save his card details at the time of transaction so that for the next time he doesn’t have to enter or remember card information at all.

Why Saved Cards?

Saved cards are very helpful to the users especially when they are transacting on a mobile devices while on the go. Success rates for transactions through saved are 8-12% higher than for other transactions.

Is it Secure?

While not having to enter the card details every time might sound convenient, the obvious concern will be about security. Here are the reasons that make saved card payments through PayUmoney secure.

  • PayU servers are PCI-DSS compliant, meaning they adhere to all the security standards and practices prescribed by Payments Card Industry and hence it is absolutely safe to save the card information with us.
  • The important thing to note here is that while card number and expiry details are stored in our secure databases, CVV is never stored.
  • Also, the card information is never exposed to the outside world as we send only mapped encrypted tokens through network meaning your transactions are theoretically more secure than a normal transaction where you enter the card details.


Pretty much like the Nitro Boosters that allowed you to achieve unbelievable speed in your favorite racing game, we at PayUmoney can boost your success rates with our Nitro checkout flow.

Why Nitro?

In Nitro flow, we remove for your customer the pain of remembering and entering the login credentials, every time they try to pay online and thus quickly access their saved cards with PayUmoney. Using Nitro, our merchants have seen 6-7% increase in success rates.

How does Nitro Flow work?

  1. The merchant sends a customers email id & mobile number along with transaction request.
  2. PayUmoney populates customers saved card on the checkout page.
  3. The customer enters the CVV for the saved card, verifies the 3D-Secure PIN/Password verification and completes the transaction.


As discussed in the saved cards section only card tokens are sent over the wire, while the original card information always lies safely within PayU’s PCI-DSS compliant servers vaults.

The Nitro feature is available only on cards that require 2-factor authentication. This feature is not available in International Cards.

Custom Browser

PayU’s Customer Mobile Browser is a mobile specific product that aims to make the entire payment experience a trivial process. It aims to smoothen out the experience of customers on bank’s pages as they offer very little control and are usually mobile unfriendly. It ensures that user interaction on bank mobile pages is convenient. It automatically requests an OTP, reads it(only on Android) and fills it on behalf of the user making the entire process seamless and faster. It also helps boost conversion rates with features such as Magic retry, which allows users to retry a transaction from the point it last dropped.

Offers, Surcharges/Convenience Fees

PayUmoney offers a lot of flexibility to the merchants in terms of payment collection and settlements. While it always advisable to show the exact amount to the user throughout the transaction life cycle (unless obviously if the amount goes down), some business models require customers to pay the transaction charges based on the payment mode used. It is possible to configure rules to run discounts(sponsored by you or a partner bank of yours) or make a customer pay transaction charges for a particular payment method. The amount to be charged to a customer can be different for different payment modes like credit card, debit card, net banking or UPI.

Payment Mode Intelligence

PayUMoney uses a proprietary algorithm to allow your consumers to pay using the most relevant payment mode. This way your consumers have a frictionless experience and can checkout much faster and easily. This takes into account an array of variables into account to figure out the payment mode on which user should be landed for a faster checkout experience.

Mobile Only Checkout

Mobile Only Checkout allows consumer mobile to be given the utmost priority for transaction processing. This checkout flow doesn’t require the consumers to enter the email address on the payment page. 

We have seen in the past that when the merchant doesn’t pass mobile and email to the payment aggregator, consumers need to do that on the checkout page. Entering mobile and email again on the checkout page can be a very painful exercise in case he has already shared the same information on earlier webpages. Thus, to counter we have introduced a new checkout flow which will not need the consumer to enter email address anywhere for checkout. It will purely be a mobile-centric flow. 

VPA Validation and AutoSuggestion

We pushed the VPA Autosuggest and Validation feature for all UPI transactions on all PayUmoney merchants.  

VPA Validation validates the consumer entered VPA first before processing payment thus saves time due to failures related to invalid VPA. Autosuggestion feature assists consumer to enter VPA quickly on Checkouts and reduces typos thus avoiding unnecessary failures.