Test Mode

The PayUmoney offers a safe virtual testing mode that mimics the live PayUmoney production environment. As it is a virtual environment, the transactions done on Test mode have no real-world impact meaning no actual money will be deducted, for the payments done in Test mode.

It is recommended that before taking your integration live, make sure that your application is tested thoroughly in the Test Mode.

You can enter our dashboard in the Test mode to get a feel for the PayUmoney experience before completing your integration or onboarding. You will be able to create new virtual transactions, view these transactions and access all the features provided by us on our dashboard just as in the production mode.

Why should you use Test Mode?

Access Everything

Preview of our two Checkouts and Dashboard Functions are available to you in Test Mode. You can go through the complete PayUmoney experience using our Test cards, before filling any forms for our merchant account or starting with the integration.

  Transactions done using these credentials will be visible under transaction tab in test mode. These transactions will not be settled.

Experiment Freely

There are no limits in terms of the number of transactions or Total Payment volume Test mode. Also since there is no actual money is involved you can literally transact a million times free of charge in Test mode.

Stay Secure

Test mode provides a safe environment for you to test our APIs and Transactions without risking your PayUmoney security credentials or the card details.

Entering the Test Mode from Dashboard

Login to the PayUmoney dashboard and toggle to Test mode from Live mode as shown in the image below to test the PayUmoney experience seamlessly.


You will now be taken to Test Mode as shown below.

Security Credentials for Test Mode

PayU verifies the authenticity of a transaction by using hash value passed in request and response generated on the server side. This hash value is generated using two secret values named the Key & the Salt.

The Key-Salt values to be used in Sandbox Mode is different from what is to be used in the production environment. You can find these values from the dashboard in the Integration Details section as shown below.

To go to the Integration Details Page click the Plugin icon and choose Integration Details.

Copy the Test Key-Salt and Authorization header from the Integration Details Page.

Testing Redirect Checkout in Test Mode

To test the PayUmoney Redirect Checkout in the Test environment submit the checkout form to the following URL.


Make sure you are using the Test Key & Salt to generate the request & response hash while testing transactions on Sandbox.

When you take the app live after testing is complete, replace the Test Key and the Salt with Live Key and Salt values. Also make sure the payment request, that is the checkout form submission is done to the following URL.


Testing Bolt Checkout in Test Mode

To test the Bolt Checkout in the test mode, you need to change the javascript libraries used as-well as use Test Mode key and salt for hash generation.

So while integrating in Test Mode, include the script as shown below in the <head> section of your payment request page.

<script id="bolt" src="https://sboxcheckout-static.citruspay.com/bolt/run/bolt.min.js" bolt-
 bolt-logo="<image path>"></script>

Once your integration is done and tested on the sandbox, replace the sandbox JavaScript library with the production library provided by PayU.

<script id="bolt" src="https://checkout-static.citruspay.com/bolt/run/bolt.min.js" bolt-color="<color-
bolt-logo="<image path>"></script>

Testing APIs in the Test Mode

You can test all the APIs provided by PayUmoney in the Test mode using your test credentials. To test APIs in sandbox add /sandbox at the beginning of the relative URL of the API you are calling and also ensure that you are passing the Test Authorization Header in the API request.

For eg, to test check Merchant Transaction Status API:

The Production URL is


And in Test Mode: